About The Studio

Our Design Motto - Design is more than drawing

K. Nofal Design is an online design company forging a hands-on, out-of-the-box approach to the design explorations of 'All Things Design' & 'All Things Architectural’. The studio emphasizes design innovations across the following spectrums: architectural design & interior decor, 3D products, 3D modeling, drafting, rendering, visualizations, company branding and graphic design.

Owner K. Nofal worked as a designer since 2009 and founded the design firm K. Nofal Design in 2015. The studio began as an interdisciplinary practice to explore design and research from various related disciplines. The firm's philosophy of merging "all things design" is largely influenced by K. Nofal's emphasis on technology and innovation. K. Nofal Design is a legal entity of Nofal Design, LLC.

At K. Nofal Design, we are committed to bringing technology and 3D education research to educate students of all ages about the potentials of design excellence. If you can dream it, we’ll make it come to life in 3D.

Designing is a process and we guarantee quality customer service and high quality results! Our design team will not only customize your project using innovative materials and forms, but we'll also provide a variety of eco-friendly and creative solutions to address any challenge. Want Innovation? Choose K. Nofal Design.

Software Palette
Licensed software includes Rhino, Adobe Design CC Suite, Blender, Sketchup 8, LuxeRender, Inkscape, Grasshopper, environmental softwares, CAD programs, rendering tools, scripting, CSS + HTML & more!
Design Budgets
Interested in low-cost design alternatives? The possibilities are endless when consulting with our highly skilled design team.
Full-Service Printing
Not only does K. Nofal Design offer 3D printing services, but we also provide large-format high quality specialty printing produced on either matte, watercolor canvas, or glossy paper. Our HP Designjet 510 prints with exceptional, full color resolution. Prices start at only $7.00 per foot (12"x 12").
Customized Fabrications
We will optimize your design for the most cost efficient fabrication methods, including silicon molds, replicas and cold-cast metal models! Want 3D printed trophies derived from your company logo? Look no further than K. Nofal Design. We offer a wide selection of branding packages.
Nofal Conceptual Design Services
Conceptual Design

Design begins with the concept. And we offer a plethora of ideas and innovative solutions for clients during the conceptual and schematic design phase.

Our studio encourages quick design charettes to re-think objectives in order to consider all possible design approaches and challenges.

Interior Kitchen Design with Fixtures Shown
Interior Decor

In similar vein to Frank Lloyd Wright's mantra, space can be articulated from the inside out. K. Nofal Design specializes in interior decorating, and staging consultations as well as creating home decor products for businesses and individual consumers. Visit KNFab today.

Nofal Design 3D Modeling Process
3D Modeling

Most products display a temporal physicality magnified by daily routine: buy, sell, use, and discard. But certain products have the ability to supersede their short lifespans as disposable commodities and evoke special characteristics about the owner or designer. Some even exhibit a level of recognizability that withstands time. K. Nofal Design hopes to continue the tradition of timeless production by improving upon 3D construction.
Rhino is our preferred 3D modeling software to generate 3D prints, product designs, conceptual models, architectural designs and parametric modeling for manufacturing and prototyping. We'll use Autodesk's Maya LT software to create complex custom organic furniture designs, edit figurative works or develop contemporary lighting fixtures.

Visualizations, animations and renderings
Renderings & Visualizations

K. Nofal Design provides high quality rendering, animations, and interactive visualizations. We can render realistic, abstract tonal properties, and/or vector line-work. Scroll through the digital design tutorials we've created about computer aided design systems, software programs, & fabrication to learn more information.

Graphic Design Work
Graphic Design Work

Contemporary culture is continuously branded through graphics such that daily dialogue is ever expressed with images and emoticons in place of words. Our firm embraces the graphical evolution of culture and aims to create one-of-a-kind iconic designs for our clientele including custom typeface, flyers, wedding packages, plotting, & more!

Logo Designs

Interested in a creative name for your business? Have a current idea or need some design input? Want the designer to understand the company philosophy and communicate a well-branded identity? At K. Nofal Design, we provide multiple formats for various web and print media and advertising (brochures, posters, letterhead, web profiles) in full color schemes. We can also send mylar engravings of your logo and laser-cut materials for ease of screen-printing and quality wall-art stenciling.