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Designing is universal; it crosses disciplines and principles. So we've compiled a series of digital tutorials - both written and video - to showcase the nuanced facets of the architectural profession. Send us an Email if you'd like to learn more about the endless possibilities of 3D modeling and rendering.

Material Explorations

MYTH: As man began exploring aesthetics, surfaces appeared on earth.

Surfaces have been generally recognized by the explicit modifications of the outward, exterior appearance. Excessive detailing of the exterior has been often scrutinized in the architectural world as superficial decoration.

According to the most current Merriam-Webster dictionary, any upper region or boundary encircling an object defines a surface. This (all) inclusive definition serves two primary purposes: (1) by generalizing as a boundary, surfaces become privy to overarching classification systems and reduced to neutral architectural elements - isolated as objects; (2) by exposing as a boundary, surfaces are limited by their exteriority.

ANALYSIS: The design and construction of architectural surfaces.

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